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Year 6 :  First experience of external exams

This week, the hard work of the Year 6 students was put to good use as they completed their Primary Assessment exams. The students sat English, Mathematics and Science exams, following international exam processes carefully and giving it their all. We are looking forward to welcoming them to Benghazi European School as Year 7 next academic year.


Year 9 :The result of three years of Secondary School

After preparing during the first three years of Secondary School, Year 9 is ready for their Lower Secondary Assessment exams. The students have been working hard to study for the English, Mathematics and Science exams. Their dedication and commitment to learning and preparing will pay off. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to teaching them through their next step of IGCSEs!


Year 10 : Getting Started on IGCSEs

Our Year 10s are getting a head start on their IGCSEs. This year they are completing English B and English Literature. After starting their preparations in Year 9, these students are ready to show their knowledge and skills to the examiners. The students’ determination and focus will get them going well for the beginning of their IGCSE experience. All the best!


Year 11 : Completing IGCSEs

After studying and consistently focusing over the last two years, it is finally time for Year 11 to sit their IGCSEs. These students have studied and prepared to sit multiple exams for many subjects. They are facing this challenge with mature attitudes and showing the examiners their best skills and knowledge. We are proud of what you are accomplishing.


Year 12 : The Final Step

What a way to end their secondary school years, with AS exams! These students have grown in knowledge, skills (and literally) over their time with us. With their focus and strong motivation, they have prepared well to demonstrate their best in the exams. We are proud of all they have achieved and wish them every success in what they choose to do next.

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