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OLD News


Iftar with Upper High School

A colourful, fun-filled social event was held one evening this week. The Year 10 girls organized an iftar. Many students from Years 10, 11, and even 12, joined to celebrate the breaking of fast together and enjoy each other’s company. Food and drink were shared between everyone as we appreciated the fresh evening air and chatted. A good evening was had by all, and we hope to do the same again next year.


Today the students of Years Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve took a big step in their preparation for their external exams; by sitting their mock exams. The students have put a lot of effort into preparing for their exams and are taking this opportunity to show their growth seriously. We look forward to marking their papers to see the results of all their hard work.


Sports Competitions

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity around sports at BES. Mr Zayed has been encouraging our students to try new sports and develop new skills. We have had a football competition, basketball competition, table tennis competition and even a chess competition.

Many of our students are enthusiastically taking part and cheering on their fellow classmates. It is a great series of events to encourage our students to develop themselves as well-rounded people. We look forward to further competition after the mock exams have finished.


The Results of the Art Competition!

First of all, I would like to thank the students that participated in the event:

  • Rahaf Al Manqoush, Jumana Husayn, Aliyah Badr (Year 7)

  • Reemas Aldirsi, Salimah Saed (Year 8)

  • Mohamed Bukhshem, Afnaan Almaedani (Year 10)

I would like to remind you of the rules of participation that I had given to you:

  • During the first term you have mastered the skill of creating patterns with dots and lines, using both pencils and colours. You also learned how to create a collage picture and mix basic colours by using different techniques in individual pieces. You are free to choose one piece of work that you have already worked on during the term. You are free to use any technique or even a combination of techniques you like on a piece of canvas measuring 35X50cm.

We congratulate all participants on their hard work and courage to submit their work. We expect more submissions for our next Art Competition and we look forward to seeing what you can do.


Over the past week the teachers and students of BES have returned to online learning. This has been a little nostalgic for some of us, reminding us of the challenges we have already overcome during the pandemic.

The teachers and students continue to adapt and succeed when faced with new changes. We have had many informative classes presented by teachers and many focused students.Congratulations to the students who took this opportunity to continue their learning with enthusiasm.

There have been internet challenges, which though out of our control, we apologize for the disruption. We have seen all the teachers and students persevere to continue lessons during these interruptions.

As we all miss having our students here, we look forward to the near future when we can all study together again. See you in-person soon!

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