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Thank you for your interest in The Benghazi European School and I trust that in the following pages on this website you will find all the relevant information you need. As you will discover, our School is a long-established one with a reputation for giving a well-rounded education and a way of life that inspires confidence and a mature independence in our pupils.
 At The Benghazi European School  we offer them a comprehensive and progressive curriculum and a staff dedicated to their personal welfare, development, motivation and happiness so that they reach their true potential”.


Walid Kambargi
 School Director

Welcome from  the School Director
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Dear Students and Parents,

It is now time to prepare for the end of the year examinations. If you log on our CRISIS MANAGEMENT SITE you will find a window End Of The Year Examinations. Click on the window and you will find three pdf files.

The first pdf file is named Examination Procedures and will give you all the instructions on how the examinations will take place online. If you face any problem with electrical power cuts or lack of internet connections, you should rush to school for a solution. It is very important, if you face one of the above-mentioned events, NOT TO OPEN THE ENVELOPE.  You must arrive at school with the envelope still sealed. If you should lose your internet connection during your examination, you should phone me immediately. I will record the time, in order to ascertain how long it will take you to get to the school with your examination paper in its envelope. In this case, the envelope will have been opened.

The second pdf file has the Time Schedule of the examinations, starting on May 26 and ending on June 22. The Higher Levels must take place first as, according to Pearson EDEXCEl, these examinations should be completed by June 10. 

The third pdf file has the List of Students who are entitled to sit the examinations.

By May 23 - 2020 we will have completed 42 teaching days, from 10 teaching stations, with more than 3,000 teaching online periods. All the work you have produced will count towards your Continuous Assessment and your final end of year mark.

I would like to encourage all of you keep up the hard work from home and Good Luck

Walid Kambargi

School Director


01.  Mr.   Walid Kambargi
02.  Mrs. Elizabeth McQuiggan
03.  Mr.   Angelos Stephanou

04.  Mr.   Philip Lohre
05.  Mrs. Mary Igrediebbo
06.  Mrs. Ibtisam Abdelrahim
07.  Mrs. Laman Tatanaki
08.  Mr.   Khalid Tayeb

09.  Mrs. Sahar Gnaibar
10.  Mr.   Jamal Kambargi

11.  Mr.   Zayed Mahmoud

12.  Mrs. Huda AlDarrat

13.  Mr.  Saheer Alzaiady

14.  Mrs. Amal Zugheit

Twenty Years of  Performance

Dear Parents,

As I have already promised you, we at the European School, are doing our very best to safeguard your child's/children's education for this academic year. Our online distance learning platform is a great success, and in fact, it has allowed us to complete all the programmes for this academic year very successfully and without compromising our high standards in any way.


The timetable for the end of year examinations is now prepared. These will begin on May 26th. The online examination procedure we will follow has been finalised and I can now assure you that the examinations will take place, online, during the period beginning May 26th to June 22nd.


All information relating to our online end of year examinations will be published on our CRISIS MANAGEMENT SITE on the school's website at 18:00 hours on May 10th: also included in that post will be the list of students who will participate in the examinations.


School Director

Walid Kambargi

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Up Coming Events
BES Staff
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Letter from the School Director
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Examinations  2019 - 2020
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Chairman's Podium
25 March

Date  : 25/03/2020

Dear Students, Parents and Members of Staff,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in these difficult and uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has now been confirmed in Libya. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected. I hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues are well and are taking all the necessary precautions to keep safe.


Our commitment and responsibility towards our students have never been stronger, as we face what are unprecedented times. We are continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances and working very hard to adapt to the recent developments and how to best safeguard the academic year for your child.


Following the decision and decrees by the Government and the Health Authorities, we are staying away from the school premises but our online platform will be soon established and teaching will go on. We are also doing our utmost to disinfect the building and establish the approved conditions for our exams to be able to go ahead when the time permits. 


On our website,
as well as in our there is a daily update with all the information you need to know regarding your school. Our School Director will soon update you as to how we shall proceed and teachers will be at your disposal after the Spring Break as of April 1st – 2020.


Thank you again for trusting the education of your child to BES. Stay safe, Stay in and thank you for your cooperation.

George Sayannos

Chairman of the Board


March 18,2019

Dear Parents,


We would like to invite you to attend a Parent-Teacher meeting on Saturday April 06, 2019, from 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM.

     This is an opportunity for you to know about the academic and social well-being of your child/children and to clarify any related questions or concerns about his/her grades you or we may have.

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March 15,2020


Dear Parents,

We are all going through very critical times such as we have not experienced before. We would like to assure you that the Management of the BES is meeting on a daily basis to work on contingency measures to secure the academic programme of our students. We are working closely with the Ministry of Education and also following the safety guidelines of the World health Organisation.

We want to guarantee you, as we did during the crisis of 2011 and 2015, that your child's/children's academic programmes for 2019-2020 will be completed successfully. The Edexcel external examinations will go ahead at the published times, unless we are instructed otherwise from EDEXCEL.

We will keep you informed of any future developments.


School Director

Walid Kambargi



    El Fuehat El Gharbia

    Benghazi  Libya


      P.O.Box  300




Tel:  +218 61 223 3188 (Ext 102)
        +218 61 222 8844 (Ext 102)

School Facebook page:

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