Thank you for your interest in the Benghazi European School. I hope that you will find the information you need as you browse through the following pages. As you will discover, the BES is a well-established institution with an enviable reputation for quality education. High on our list of priorities is the commitment to provide our young people with a caring learning environment which focuses on developing self-confidence and independence.
The eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a radical change of approach to teaching in schools and universities worldwide and the BES is no exception. Consequently we have had to resort to delivering all classes online in order to secure the health and safety of our students and their families.... See more

Welcome from  the School Director

Dear Parents,

The school will close for the spring Holiday on Thursday 14th of April 2022 at 12:00 O'clock. Please make sure that you pick up your child/children on time.

The school will resume on Sunday the 8th of May 2022 at the normal time.

Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students need to work on their External Examination preparation over the three weeks break.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our families a happy School Holiday and Happy Eid.


Walid Kambargi
School Director



     Breaking News


Dear Parents and students,

As we continue to monitor the situation we have been forced to keep lessons online for another week. Classes next week will continue online, from Sunday to Wednesday as planned. Students will start mid-term break on Thursday 17th. All students will be required to present a negative PCR test as they enter school on Sunday 27th for the beginning of the new half term. Please note that the Parent/Teacher meetings have also been postponed till after half term.

Your Sincerely,

Walid Kambargi
School Director

01. Mr.   Walid Kambargi
02. Mrs. Elizabeth McQuiggan
03. Mr.   Jamal Kambargi

  4. Mrs.  Ibtisam Abdelrahim

05. Mrs. Mary Igrediebbo

  6. Mrs. Laman Tatanaki
07. Mrs. Sahar Gnaibar

  8. Mr.   Zayed Mahmoud

  9. Mr.  Saheer Alzaiady

10. Mrs. Amal Zughaid
11. Mrs. Maria Sagianou
12. Ms.  Aimilia Tsakiridi 
13  Mrs. Emily Aderibigbe

14. Dr.   Khalid Tayeb

15. Mrs. Huda AlDarrat


Over Twenty Years of  Performance


31st January - After School Activities start.:
This term we have Chess,  Art Club, Mindfulness,
Intro to Debate and Table Tennis.

BES Staff
Up Coming Events

Mock Exams starts 20th of March to 5th of April:

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Chairman's Podium
15 Dec

Date  : 15/12/2021

Dear Students, Parents and Members of Staff,

As we are approaching the Christmas Holiday and the end of the first term, I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that we have welcomed three new expatriate teachers to our team for this academic year. You will appreciate that this is an incredible achievement in these globally troubled times. We are delighted to welcome them to join our already strong group of hardworking staff. With such a strong and dedicated group of professionals, we can look forward to a continued high performance.


On behalf of the Board, I am delighted to wish you all a successful, safe and a  happy New Year. We are all aware that these are demanding times for parents, teachers, students, and, I might add Board members. Our continued aim is to work together to achieve the highest possible level of education for our students and to make this another successful academic year. We have achieved it in the past and we will do so again!


I, as Chairman, can guarantee you that we will continue to do our very best to keep our school a happy, healthy and safe environment for our students, staff and parents.


Together we will remain safe and healthy.

George Sayannos

Chairman of the Board



    El Fuehat El Gharbia

    Benghazi  Libya


      P.O.Box  300




Tel:  +218 61 223 3188 (Ext 102)
        +218 61 222 8844 (Ext 102) 





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